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  • QPAC Green Jam Sessions

    Kicking off at 5pm every Friday from October 17 until December 19, audiences will be treated to jazz standards, ...

  • Queensland Model Railway Show

    Hosted by The Workshops Rail Museum on October 18 and 19, the Queensland Model Railway Show sees railway modellers, ...

  • Camp and sCare with BIG4

    Peg your tents, get the Halloween costumes out, and prepare to scare the night away in the ...

  • Pre-Christmas Caravan & Camping Sale

    The annual Pre-Christmas Caravan & Camping Sale rolls into the Brisbane Showgrounds from Thursday October 30 to ...

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Magnets’ pull yet to be proven

From early 20th century vehicles to the latest models, magnets have been an important part of car design. Even in our homes, there are hundreds of uses for magnets: from securing photos to the fridge and keeping cupboard doors shut to the switches in your front door bell. Because claims have been made that magnets have healing properties, they have even found their way into our beds. But can they, in fact, relieve pain? We ...

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Make it to work alive

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said the CARRS-Q research highlighted the importance of remaining alert while driving, regardless of the type of journey. “When you are travelling on the same stretch of ...

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New in Drive Travel

Road trip from Brisbane to Cape York

There are so many different destinations between Brisbane and Cape York that, if you had the time, you could literally spend months exploring them all. From coastal towns, to mountain hideaways, there’s plenty to see and do. So we’ve decided to plot a course along the East Coast (with a few ... More

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Go hang-gliding in Queensland

There are two different types of hang-gliders. If you are a beginner, you might like to stick to the flex-wing glider because it allows for more control and also easier landing. As you become more skilled, you can switch to a rigid-wing glider, which has better aerodynamics that allow for ... More

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Experience military history in Townsville

The RAAF base in Townsville first took shape in the 1930s and was built originally for the purpose of civil aviation. But as war loomed, the base was further developed to play an important role in Australia’s military preparations and during the subsequent years of war. Townsville’s crucial role in ... More

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Capture the bush spirit of Eidsvold

That original homestead – thought to be the site of Queensland’s first game of golf, played by Frank and Alexander Ivory in 1856 – still stands today and has had many different owners over the years. During the late 1880s, Eidsvold also became the site of a gold rush after ... More

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A Sunshine Coast family day

One of the great things about the Sunshine Coast is that it is home to plenty of amazing gourmet food and produce. You can sample the fare at Maleny Cheese or taste a drop at one of the nearby wineries. You’ll also find plenty of Devonshire teas, pastries and sweet ... More

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Understanding the science of weight loss

After losing a significant amount of weight, you might have wondered where the weight actually went, as it may have seemed like it dissolved into thin air. But in fact, there is a science of weight loss. When we lose weight, our bodies are actually converting the molecules in our fat cells into energy, which makes the cells get smaller. This is why exercise can help you lose weight, because your body is using up ...

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