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What’s in The Road Ahead April/May 2015 edition?

In Lifestyle, we uncover the story behind country music icon Lee Kernaghan’s new album, Spirit of the ANZACS, and find out if fish supplements really help maintain good health. The Road Ahead’s financial expert, Noel Whittaker, discusses why home buyers should ensure they have a strategy in place for when boom turns to bust. Our 75th anniversary celebrations continue with a six-page feature looking back at the 1950s, including a fabulous competition giving readers the ...

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Motoring costs reach record five-year low

Queensland’s peak motoring body’s annual Vehicle Running Costs survey revealed lower interest rates, cheaper fuel, and more competitive insurance prices in 2014 helped to reverse the upward trend of costs ...

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New in Caravanning

Caravan cuisine with a thermal cooker

Cooking in your caravan isn’t always the easiest thing to do, particularly if you don’t have much space. Some tools, such as a thermal cooker, can make it a lot simpler. The idea of the thermal cooker comes from medieval times, when people would put a heated earthenware pot inside another ... More

New in Drive Travel

Visit Quilpie, an outback gem

Quilpie is the world’s largest producer of the colourful boulder opals. The town – which was established in 1917 when the railway line from Charleville was completed – is said to take its name from the Aboriginal word ‘Quilpeta’, which means ‘stone curlew’. As well as fossicking in its opal fields, Quilpie has a lot to offer ... More

New in Departure International

Tips for packing for a cruise

If you’re holidaying aboard a cruise ship, you’ll need to pack more than a swimsuit and a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts to meet the usual dress code. As well as beach/pool attire, be sure to take at least one outfit that is elegant enough to wear to a formal ... More

New in Departure International

Explore the natural beauty of Akaroa

Staying in the middle of an ancient volcano isn’t an everyday occurrence, but that’s exactly where you’ll find yourself in the New Zealand town of Akaroa. A colonial village that was originally a French and British settlement, Akaroa is surrounded by breathtaking bays and a quaint harbour. Flea Bay is home to ... More

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Discover Larnach Castle in Dunedin

While England and Scotland are known for their many beautiful castles, in New Zealand there is only one: Larnach Castle. Dating back to 1871, the structure was the work of merchant baron and politician William Larnach, who built it as a dream house for his wife. Sparing no expense, it took more ... More

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Four exercises to strengthen your back

Many health issues can cause back pain, so if you’re having consistent problems, it’s advisable to see a doctor.  In some cases, strengthening the muscles in your back may alleviate pain. Doing the following exercises each day will help you build strength in the upper and lower back: Lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart, and your knees bent. Lift your hips up from the ground and squeeze your ...

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