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The February/March edition’s app includes a feature on the 75th anniversary of The Road Ahead magazine, complete with historic and quirky excerpts from 75 years of publishing, a video capturing the highlights of the magazine’s interaction with RACQ members and a chance to win a $7500 trip to Tasmania. The app also includes great photo galleries in our travel stories covering cruising, the Californian Coast, food and wine experiences in South Australia, Anzac history in Western Australia ...

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Bird watch at Iningai Natural Reserve

Named for the traditional owners who lived along the Thomson River, Iningai Natural Reserve has earned a reputation for being a prime locale for bird-watching. Several bushwalking tracks loop through the reserve, which give visitors the opportunity to see its diversity of flora and fauna close up.Around 130 bird species, including the ... More

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Enjoy the romance of Venice, Italy

Italians are known for being incurable romantics, so it’s no wonder many of their cities are considered among the most romantic in the world. At the top of the list is the historic city of Venice – here are four of the most romantic things to do with your loved ... More

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Walk your way through Shanghai, China

It might be a bustling metropolis, but Shanghai has a wealth of treasures for those who take the time to walk its streets. First, head to Fuxing Park, which was originally a private garden during the Ming Dynasty. Following the Opium War, the French then added their own elements to ... More

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Hike the Grand Canyon

An immense presence in the landscape of Arizona in the south-western United States, the Grand Canyon is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. Distinguished by its unique geologic colour palette and erosional forms, the canyon itself is 446km long, up to 29km wide and 1.6km deep. Hiking the Grand Canyon can ... More

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Walk in Hemingway’s footsteps in Paris

What’s wonderful about Paris is its history, and visitors can experience life as its famous residents, like writer Ernest Hemingway, did a century ago. Hemingway lived on Paris’s Left Bank during the 1920s, and it was there that he wrote A Moveable Feast, one of his most famous novels. The ... More

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Food safety during power cuts

Power cuts that black out the lights, computers and TVs are inconvenient, but they can also generate health risks when it comes to refrigerated food. If exposed to warm air, refrigerated food can quickly begin to spoil and develop bacteria that can cause illnesses. If the power is cut, avoid opening the fridge or freezer, because each time you do you’ll be letting in warm air. Without electricity, your fridge can keep food cold for around ...

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