Like any marking on the skin, tattoos tend to fade and wear over time.

As a result of modern technology, your tattoo can be touched up, in a process similar to getting a new tattoo. A touch-up involves covering up or even changing the current design – new ink is tattooed on top of your tattoo, sometimes in a darker colour in order to be more effective. You can also add a more intricate and elaborate design on top, with the help of your tattoo artist, who can help you to incorporate it seamlessly. Be aware that tattooing over an existing tattoo can be more painful then receiving the original one.

For a much cheaper and pain-free alternative, a number of tattoo parlours in the market that claim to assist in brightening your tattoos, but there have not been any scientific studies undertaken on these yet to prove the claims true. Shaving the area is another way to brighten the appearance of your tattoos – the process removes dead skin cells, making the colours pop.

When it comes to keeping your tattoos looking bright over time, one of the best methods is protection from the elements – remember to always apply zinc or sunscreen to protect your tattoo from sun exposure.

For information on taking care of your tattoo, click here.

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