A handy technique (slightly time-consuming but worth the extra effort) is to remove all your clothes from your wardrobe and lay them on your bed or sofa. Then, one by one, quickly try on each garment to assess if you still like the piece of clothing, if you feel it’s flattering to your figure, and if it’s in wearable and good condition.

Organise your clothes into three sections: ‘definitely keep’, ‘give away to charity’ and ‘maybe keep’. Be particularly mindful of pieces that you don’t feel confident in, or clothes that are uncomfortable. It’s highly likely that you won’t miss them if you opt to part with them.

Once you have culled your wardrobe, keep your ‘maybe’ clothes in a sealed box, vacuumed-sealed storage unit or a strong plastic bag. Make a note on your calendar or a mobile phone reminder to check this ‘maybe’ pile in three months’ time to review its contents. Chances are, there will be some clothes that you haven’t even thought about during this time, and this means it’s time to say goodbye.

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