Many campsites, particularly those around towns and cities, often charge for camping in the vicinity. For bargain hunters, there are still a number of free camping spots spread throughout the country – you just need to know where to look for them.

Free camping sites can be a good way to avoid busy crowds and packed sites, as well as assist budgets. As sites are typically found in more remote and untouched areas, you can select a spot as far away from others as you like. The remote locations of the campsite also mean that you should try to be as self-sufficient as possible. This is in regards to providing your own food, water and power where needed.

When looking for free spots, it always helps to do your research. In general, the more remote the area the more likely it is that it’s free, but you can research this online. It can also be helpful to be aware of any pet and fire restrictions maintained by the campsite before you arrive.

There are websites that list free (or cheaper) camping spots on a local, national and even global scale. Searches will help to determine campsites that are suited to you in terms of what landscape you are after or region you are interested in visiting. If you have already spotted a secluded area where you are keen to pitch a tent, be sure to check first whether online or with the local national park that it is legal for you to camp there.

Click here for the OzCamps Homepage and its list of nation-wide free camping spots.

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