With summer fast approaching, consider hitting the beach not only for a swim in the surf but a run on the sand to increase the intensity of your training. Running on an unstable surface in bare feet requires the use of more muscles in the body so you will burn more calories.

You will need to adjust your technique a little to get the most out of the run without putting too much stress on your body. You will need to point your feet down into the sand rather than running flat footed as you would on the road. This can put pressure on your calf muscles and the skin of your toes and feet and is probably one of the hardest things for the body to get used to. It can help to scrunch your toes to make a stronger platform for pushing off. This will help to avoid too much abrasion underneath your toes or pain in your feet from having your toes splayed by soft sand running.

You need to be cautious about your upper body posture now that you’ve pointed your toes and scrunched your feet because it over accentuates your normal lumbar spinal curvature. Try to keep a normal upright posture keep shoulders back, chin in and chest up with a normal arm swing and relaxed upper body.

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