They are found throughout most of Australia (except Tasmania) and prefer to frequent tall trees and shrubbery. Predatory creatures, the goanna can grow up to 2 m in length and has quite sharp claws and teeth, posing a potential threat to small animals and young children. If you are worried about the presence of goannas near your home there are a number of ways to deter them from visiting close to your home.

Dogs tend to be a little larger than the average goanna and are typically enough to frighten them away up a tree or into the bush. Guinea fowl and bush turkeys also seem to frighten away any goannas that have managed to come a little too close. If you are the owner of a chicken coop and find that goannas are stealing eggs daily there are also ways to make your coop more secure. First, try to do the daily egg run in the morning, taking away the opportunity for goannas to find anything should they come rummaging. You can also fit your coop out with a special electric mesh on its outside, this will give the goanna a slight zap and help to teach them to avoid the area.

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