And while caravanners forgo many luxuries, being without hot water can be an inconvenience.

Before purchasing a new hot water system, consider what you would like to improve upon based on your old set-up. Traditional hot water systems will run on both gas and electricity. These types of hot water systems generally start at a 9 L capacity – which is often enough for those who only use the hot water for doing the dishes, other cleaning and for washing hands – and increase from there.

Other options that can be considered are solar-powered units and hot water heaters that can be attached to the tap. Systems that heat water as it passes through the tap can save installing a large system and reduce the van’s overall weight.

Those looking to set up camp off-road could consider looking into a unit such as this one.

Before purchasing a second-hand caravan, it can be useful to check that the caravan’s hot water system is in working order.

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